Purpose Statement For Academic Assessment At Lake Erie College

In support of the College's mission to empower students to "lead lives of personal significance and professional success as global citizens," academic program and co-curricular assessments serve to help us understand the efficacy of our learning environment and progress toward our program learning objectives. Lake Erie college views program-level assessment as a means of improving student learning at the course or program activity levels. 与此形成鲜明对比的是, the program review process serves as the opportunity to consider broader changes such as resource allocations, 一次性或持续投资, 以及程序操作的其他方面.

While the assessment of student learning can serve many functions at Lake Erie College, the below points are the primary areas of importance:

  • 课程开发

  • 指导改进和投资

  • 告知教学策略的变化

  • 突出项目优势

  • 确保与学院的使命保持一致.


  • 项目任务发展

  • 学习目标的制定

  • 课程或活动地图

  • 创建评估方法

  • 数据和信息收集

  • 改善的行动策略

如需更多资料,请参阅: LEC评估简介 


以我们的机构使命和愿景为指导, the broad learning outcomes are intended to provide a framework for the collegiate experience at Lake Erie College and are attributes, 技能, abilities and attitudes that students are expected to develop and obtain during their learning experience.

As a result of a Lake Erie College education, students will:

  • 理解的价值和过程 自我发现

  • 从事…的发展 强烈的个人特质

  • 练习和应用 创造性解决问题的能力

  • 达到平衡 个人和职业目标 in relation to the needs of others to include the local and global communities

  • 分析复杂信息 and reach conclusions backed by credible and fact-based evidence

  • 应用 quantitative methods to analyze, interpret and solve problems from a wide array of practical and applied contexts

  • 沟通 in a clear, inclusive, engaged and well-reasoned manner

  • 批判性地反思…的作品 创造性表达 and create and think with innovation and imagination

  • 采用一种 文化意识 to engage effectively in a variety of intercultural contexts

As a result of a Lake Erie College graduate education, students will:

  • 培养对内容的掌握, independent thought in subjects of increased complexity and critical understanding of research

  • 有效沟通, 口头和书面的, 365网站理论, 参数, methods and concepts related to the specific area of study

  • Demonstrate proficiency in the professional 技能 needed to participate in the intellectual and organizational aspects of chosen career field


一般用途, the college uses the definition of assessment as found in the book "评估清晰简单: A Practical Guide for Institutions, 部门, 《365网站》作者:芭芭拉. Walvoord:

"Assessment is the systematic collection of information about student learning, 利用时间, 知识, 现有的专业知识和资源, in order to inform decisions that affect student learning."

Learning outcomes assessment is conducted by the faculty and guided by individual school planning, regional and national discipline-specific standards, criteria for accreditation (both regional and programmatic) and institutional goals and priorities. 作为一个协作的成果, the Educational Policy and Planning Committee (EPP), 院长, faculty and the 首席学术官 coordinate to support tracking and reporting mechanisms and identify and offer assessment training and professional development opportunities. Each school's dean provides oversight of program-level assessment activities in coordination with the assessment liaisons, 首席学术官, 以及其他学院人员. The Assessment Liaison Committee consists of at least one liaison from each of the schools. It is charged with the following: dissemination of assessment planning updates (institutional or school), identification of assessment training needs and working with the deans to coordinate the collection of annual program-level assessment reports.




 项目水平评估计划 Review and Submission Timelines 













常见的资源: While there are many outstanding resources, at present, Lake Erie College uses Assessment Clear and Simple: A Practical Guide for Institutions, 部门, and General Education 作者:Barbara E. 伍尔沃德是一个普通的读者. Faculty and staff may send an email one of the committee members 免费得到一本书.

Assessment Professional Development Online Modules: The National Institute for Learning Outcomes Assessment has made available a series of online modules developed as a result of the grant-funded Learning Outcomes Resource Consortium. 这些模块可以在下面的链接中找到:

补充评估资源: Below is a list of books that are available in the Lincoln 图书馆.

  • 特鲁迪·W·班塔. 和凯瑟琳A. Palomba.. Assessment Essentials: Planning, Implementing and Improving Assessment in Higher Education.

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一如既往地, please contact the provost or your assessment committee representative if you need any assistance, 有反馈, 或者想了解更多365网站其他资源的信息. More specific professional development resources for assessment may also be found in LEO at the Faculty Resource Central (FRC) tab.